2014 Boondockers Calendar Giveaway

Like Slydog Snowmobile Skis on Facebook for a chance to win a FREE 2014 Boondockers calendar. After our page reaches 5,000 likes, we’ll randomly select 25 winners. Only Facebook fans can win!

We’ll post names of the 25 winners on Facebook after the milestone has been reached, so make sure to visit our page often to see if you’re a winner, or simply click “Get Notifications,” that way you can’t miss an update.

Winners Announced

Thanks for helping us reach 5,000 likes! If you didn’t win a Boondockers calendar and you would like to purchase one, you can do so here.

The randomly selected winners of a Boondockers calendar are:


1. Kevin McKee
2. Douglas Gibbons
3. Jarrod Forsyth
4. Steve Soetemans
5. Brian Baxter
6. Dave Cohen
7. Bobby Miklos
8. Landon Rice
9. James Crooks
10. Peder Erickson


11. Richard Barnes
12. Jason McKerchar
13. Brady Slade
14. Dustin Jones
15. Richard Ayotte
16. Christie Smith Barth
17. Kyle Poirier
18. Larry Tracilynn Bailey
19. Aaron Schedel
20. Alex Van Der Kamp
21. Tyson Roberts
22. Matthew Wagner
23. Kip Davis
24. Logan Helsor
25. Dean Campbell

Congrats to our winners! To claim your prize, winners must send an email to sales@slydogskis.com with their mailing address. Thanks for “liking” Slydog Skis and happy riding.


Team Slydog,
“We Don’t Play Fair”

Posted on December 5, 2013


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