Final Grand Prize winner of the Slydog Skis Giveaway

Congratulations to Larry Doerr Jr. for winning the second grand prize, a set of custom skis. Larry is the last and final lucky winner in the Slydog Skis Facebook Giveaway promotion.

Larry, be on the lookout, as a Slydog representative will contact you soon to get your ski order preferences.

Giveaway Winners

Those of you who have followed this promotion from the beginning already know who the winners are, but quickly we’d like to recap and congratulate them again.

Larry Doerr Jr. – Won a set of Slydog Skis

Clint Saunders – Won a set of Slydog Skis

Kyle Raynor – Won a pair of Slydog Bogey Wheels

Slydog t-shirt winners:

Scott Holmen
Jason Stewart
Joe Brady
Kyle Hanneman
Justin Janes
Shawn Forsey
Chris Noggle
Terry Frush
Jack Anderson
Trevor Klaassen
Brandon Carr
Aaron Frees
Dustin Jones
James Crooks
Clar Sweetapple
Tommy Parolisi
Evan Caron
James Duffer
Sawyer Giese
Charlie Hermes

Giveaway Results

Slydog’s Facebook presence was almost nonexistent before the Giveaway. We had couple hundred followers with no regular posting schedule. We really wanted to show you, our fans, that Slydog is serious about connecting with you beyond the sale.

We can’t thank everyone who participated in our Facebook Giveaway enough. You made this happen. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our community is what flourishes the Slydog brand — all the videos you create, the pictures you share and recommendations you give to your fellow sled freaks. Thank you so much for sharing our products and for participating in the Giveaway promotion.

We hope that you will continue to closely follow Slydog Skis on Facebook in the weeks and months to come. With the Winter X-Games coming up we will have a lot of interesting things to share. Take Heath Frisby’s incredible front flip at last year’s Winter X-Games, for example.

Lastly we’d like to encourage you to verify your email address (if you haven’t already). Many people have connected their Facebook account to the Giveaway app, but have yet to confirm their email address. The best way to finalize the subscription process is to login to your email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc.), search “Slydog Giveaway” and find the confirmation email.

Team Slydog,
“We Don’t Play Fair”

Posted on January 18, 2013


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