First grand prize winner announced

Congratulations to Clint Saunders for being the first grand prize winner in the Slydog Skis Giveaway Contest!

Clint will receive a free pair of custom-built Slydog Skis for his efforts (and luck). Be on the lookout, a Slydog representative will be emailing you soon.

Thank you, Clint, and our 1000+ other fans for sharing the contest with your friends and liking Slydog on Facebook. If you haven’t signed up for our Facebook contest yet, please do! All you have to do is like our page and register through our website.

The next grand prize, a pair of bogey wheels, will be given out once we reach 1,500 likes. And the final giveaway prize, a second set of custom skis, will be awarded when we reach our final milestone goal of 2,000 likes.

Thank you to everyone for your participation!

Team Slydog,
“We Don’t Play Fair”

Posted on November 20, 2012


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