Winners of the 2013 Boondockers Calendar

Congratulations to the 25 winners of a 2013 Boondockers Calendar! Be on the lookout. A Slydog representative will contact you soon to get your mailing information.

Carlee Rae
John Stahmann
Scott Siemens
Aaron Bartolic
Charlie LaMonda
Brandon Michaelis
Lloyd FastdontLie Pikok
Joredon Martin
Jeremy Bromley
Kyle Clark
Dave Bourassa
Daryn Ritz
Valerie Jordan
Derek Hall
Jared Keller
Terry Frush
Phil Schneider
Tyler Ebsen
Ashur Crawford Sr.
Clint Saunders
Jino Thomas
Jordan Wilmes
Jeff McGirr
James Hedstrom
Joey LeBlanc

Our 700+ Slydog fans are awesome!

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Team Slydog,
“We Don’t Play Fair”

Posted on October 19, 2012


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