To get to hell and back,
you need a Hell Hound

All Slydog ski models use a Snow Induction process that improves cornering and side hilling capability. The race-inspired Hell Hound features a wider and taller reverse angle keel that runs the full length of the ski to produce the best control imaginable.

Each ski’s intake scoop and channel compress snow against the reverse angle keel, creating a solid base for the keel to comer against, as well as creating lift when you are in powder. The Hell Hound’s taller keel means there’s more snow to push against while cornering.

The Hell Hound comes standard with a new, stronger race loop. It also has the thickest platform in the Slydog family, making it the strongest and stiffest ski we sell.

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Ski Features

  • Intake Scoop

    The intake scoop pulls snow into the ski’s channel.

  • Channel

    The channel narrows as it runs the length of the keel, thus compressing snow against the reverse angle keel to create noatation.

  • Reverse Angle Keel

    The reverse angle keel runs to the tip of the ski to help the ski cut its own footprint which minimizes darting and maximizes control.

  • Platform

    A thicker platform for increased strength and rigidness. The plelform helps hold snow and provide noaration, in powder and on the trail.

See the Hell Hound up close