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7.5" Stud Boy Shaper Bar

Product Details

The "Shaper"™ Bar will take wearbar design and performance to a new level. This new bar offers a unique shape that provides much better turning than conventional bars and others a 20% weight savings. The concave side profile on the "Shaper"™ Bar grabs and holds the snow rather than allowing snow to slip by like other wearbars. While the shape of this bar improves the turning radius of your sled in the snow, the large 60 degree carbide provides great control and wear on hard surfaces. You need to get your hands on these wearbars if you want the latest and greatest in traction and control for the form of your sled.

  • 20 % lighter than round bars
  • Provides much better turning in trail conditions
  • Unique shape offers extra control and steering in snow
  • Zinc plated to resist corrosion and eliminate paint in threads
  • ISR Snocross Legal


  • 2 Attack Skis
  • 2 Attack Ski Loops
  • Two 4" Round Bar Carbides
  • Mount kit (includes harwdware)

Custom Order $119.99 USD