Snow Induction

All Slydog Ski models use a Snow Induction process that improves cornering and side hilling capability. This process also creates superior flotation in deep powder and enhanced handling on the trail. By creating its own unique footprint, a Slydog ski minimizes your sled’s tendency to dart toward or hunt for existing snowmobile tracks.

Snow Induction is achieved with the combination of a reverse angle keel and a channel, which narrows as it runs the length of the keel. The channel compresses snow against the reverse angle keel, creating a solid base for the keel to corner against, as well as creating lift when you are in powder.

One of the most appealing traits of this technology is that the ski works with the rider while minimizing steering effort. The more aggressive the rider the more aggressive the ski becomes. Snowcross, deep powder and trail riding snowmobilers will all benefit from this exciting ski design.

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The Process

  • Intake Scoop The intake scoop pulls snow into the ski's channel.

  • Channel The channel narrows as it runs the length of the reverse angle keel, thus compressing snow against the keel to create floatation and give the keel a base to corner against.

  • Reverse Angle Keel The unique reverse angle keel cuts its own footprint which minimizes darting and maximizes control.

  • Platform The platform helps hold snow, and provides floatation in powder and on the trail.

Real Cool Bogey Wheels

The “Real Cool” bogey wheels use a rotating fan blade design that pushes cold air into the front of your skid frame and blows unwanted snow and ice out of the rear of the sled. These wheels help cool your hyfax to protect from excessive wear. Because they’re molded from UHMW material, ice and snow will not stick to the wheels, thus eliminating vibrations caused from out of balance wheels. These wheels are directional, one left wheel and one right wheel are required.

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