Real Cool

Bogie Wheels

These are way more than just idler wheels! Real Cool Bogies use a rotating fan blade design to push cold air into the front of your skid and blow unwanted snow out the back, lubricating your hyfax in the process!

Starting at $38.00/ea Includes snap rings & bearings
5.38" - 8"

Cool to the Core

These wheels help cool your hyfax to protect from excessive wear. Because they’re molded from UHMW material and don't have any rubber components, ice and snow will not stick to the wheels, thus eliminating vibrations caused from out of balance wheels.

  • No rubber outside means longer life
  • Cools and lubricates your hyfax
  • Protects hyfax from excessive wear
  • Molded from UHMW so snow won't stick
  • Custom colors to match your sled!

10 Inch Vortex Bogie Wheel

Meet the Vortex - the biggest bogie wheel in our lineup! Just like our Real Cool Bogies, the Vortex is designed to maximize airflow while spinning to keep snow moving through your sled's skid. More airflow in your skid means better hyfax cooling and less snow pack.

  • Compatible with aftermarket Big Wheel kits
  • Compatible with 10" OEM wheels on newer sled models
  • Universal left/right fan blade design

Available in 24 Colors

  • One Color
    $60 each

Bogie Wheel Size & Price Guide

Bogie sizes vary per sled and the bogie’s position on the skid. Our snowmobile bogie wheels are available in 8 OEM-compatible sizes. The 10" Vortex wheel is designed to work with big wheel upgrade kits.

Have fitment questions? Call us at 605-256-3075.

Wheel Size One Color Price
3.350" $38.00
5.380" $43.00
5.630" $43.00
6.380" $43.00
7.000" $51.00
7.250" $51.00
8.000" $51.00
10.000" $65.00

Bogie Technology

Snow Intake

Intake fan blade design on front bogies blows cold air into your snowmobile's skid or track to cool and lubricate hyfax and track components.

Blowing Snow

Exhaust fan blade design on rear bogies blows hot air and unwanted snow out of the snowmobile's skid, helping to prevent snow pack that can slow down moving parts.

Molded from UHMW

Bogies are molded as a single piece of solid UHMW, one of the strongest poly materials on the market. And with no rubber components, they'll outlast any OEM idler wheel.

Bogie Wheels available in 24 Colors

  • Black
  • Graphite Gray
  • Gray
  • Rhino Gray
  • White
  • Desert Tan
  • Orange
  • Orange Crush
  • Yellow
  • Sunburst Yellow
  • Green Smoke
  • Green
  • Medium Green
  • Manta Green
  • Lime Squeeze
  • Red
  • Indy Red
  • Lava Red
  • Hot Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • VooDoo Blue
  • Octane Blue
  • Tiffany Blue
Color & Style Guide