Race Ski

Hell Hound

WARNING – this ski is a control freak! The tall, full-length keel provides extremely aggressive handling. Not intended for inexperienced riders.

Sets starting at $410.00

Freakish Control

This ski was designed specifically for experienced riders and racing conditions. The full length, 1.5" tall keel provides insane amounts of control, while the shallow channel eliminates almost all floatation.

  • Designed to eliminate floatation
  • Tall reverse angle keel cuts corners hard
  • Specifically for racing use
  • Strongest, stiffest ski we sell


7.25 in.


43 in.

Keel Height

1.5 in.


7 lbs.

Ski Technology

Full Reverse Angle Keel

The Hell Hound's tall keel runs the full length of the ski, which provides extremely aggressive control of your sled This ski was designed specifically for race or snowcross application.

Minimal Float Platform

The hell hound platform, keel, and channel are designed specifically to make as little floatation as possible, which is ideal for maximum control and speed when racing.

Snow Induction

Our unique Snow Induction process improves cornering by catching snow at the front of the ski and forcing it through a narrowing channel and up against the reverse angle keel.


The channel narrows the length of the ski to compress snow against the reverse angle keel. This creates a solid base for the keel to corner against, but is designed to create a little lift as possible on this ski.

  • Full Reverse Angle Keel
  • Minimal Float Platform
  • Snow Induction
  • Channel

All skis available in 19 Colors × 3 Styles

  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
  • Orange
  • Orange Crush
  • Yellow
  • Sunburst Yellow
  • Green
  • Medium Green
  • Manta Green
  • Lime Squeeze
  • Red
  • Indy Red
  • Lava Red
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • VooDoo Blue
  • Octane Blue
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