Need Help Choosing an Aftermarket Snowmobile Ski?

Follow this guide to help identify which of our 5 high performance snowmobile ski models best fits your riding style, typical riding conditions, & sled.

Since our original trail ski debuted on the market over 15 years ago, we’ve spent countless hours designing, testing, and perfecting new ski models to offer a wide variety of aftermarket ski options. All of our skis are custom molded using UHMW plastic to ensure extreme durability and controlled stiffness, and each feature our patented reverse-angle keel technology for unmatched control and minimized darting. But each model has varying width, length, keel depth, keel length, intake, floatation and channel design to maximize the specific performance you’re looking for.

We’re here to help match skis to your riding style, and the design of your sled. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

Aftermarket Snowmobile Ski Guide

Model Designed For Use Base Price (Set) Width Length Weight (per ski) Keel Height
The Trail View Trail – perfect OEM upgrade or replacement $285 6 in 43 in 4.6 lbs 1 in
Powder Hound 7 View Crossover – aggressive on and off the trail $310 7 in 43.5 in 5 lbs 1 in
Powder Hound 8 View Mountain – maximum floatation for heavy sleds in deep powder $360 8 in 42.5 in 6.6 lbs 1.25 in
The Attack View Mountain – Deep powder, boon docking, technical $375 7 in 41.5 in 5.7 lbs 1.25 in
The Hell Hound View Snocross Racing, Extremely aggressive riding $410 7.25 in 43 in 7 lbs 1.5 in
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Picture of The Trail

Why chose The Trail

The Slydog Trail ski took the snowmobile market by storm in 2003, and continues to be one of the best performance upgrades or OEM replacement skis available for a stock sled. Our patented keel design and snow induction process improve the overall handling of any sled and minimize a sled's tendency to dart or follow existing tracks. The Trail ski's light weight and flexible design provide added suspension for a smoother and more controllable ride. Lighter steering, improved handling, and less darting-three perfect reasons to upgrade from stock to Slydog.

Picture of Powder Hound 7

Why chose the Powder Hound 7

Introduced in 2005, this is our original Powder Hound model. It features the same patented keel design as our trail ski, but has a much wider platform and intake scoop for improved floatation and side hilling capabilities. The 7" Powder Hound handles great on the trail and in the powder!

Picture of Powder Hound 8

Why chose the Powder Hound 8

The 8" Powder Hound is the ultimate ski for deep snow! Its wide platform and newly designed intake scoop create extraordinary lift and flotation in deep powder. We gave this ski a deeper keel than our other models and updated the spindle mount location to improve handling and side hilling. The 8" Powder Hound is the most responsive and versatile ski available.

Picture of The Attack

Why chose The Attack

The 7" Attack Ski is our most versatile design to date, and the perfect solution for riders frequently migrating between powder and trail conditions. We've smashed all the features of the 8" Powder Hound Ski including the big front platform, deep keel, wide mouth snow induction scoop, and more forward-mounted saddle into a more rigid and stiff 7" design. The Attack also features a tapered tail design for better side hilling and boondocking, a high angle rear ski tip for easier reverse travel, and integrated grippers on the top side of the ski for added standing stability.

Picture of The Hell Hound

Why chose The Hell Hound

The Hell Hound was designed specifically for racing. It features a wider and taller reverse angle keel that runs the full length of the ski to produce the best control imaginable. Its taller keel means there's more snow to push against while cornering. The 7.25 inch Hell Hound comes standard with a new, stronger race loop. It also has the thickest platform in the Slydog family, making it the strongest, stiffest, and most aggressive ski we sell. If you’re not looking for a ski specifically to race, we suggest The Attack or Powder Hound models instead.