Custom Ski & Bogie Color Guide

Looking to add an extra level of custom style to your snowmobile? You've found the right place! Build custom skis in nearly any color and style combination you can imagine! Browse all styles, options, and colors below. You'll also find colors that match your brand of sled – like Arctic Cat Green, Ski-Doo Orange and Polaris Blue.


All skis are available in the following patterns.

Picture of solid ski


Picture of urban camo ski

Urban Camo

Picture of swirl ski


Colors Available For All Our Custom Products




Graphite Gray

Rhino Gray

Desert Tan


Orange Crush


Sunburst Yellow

Green Smoke


Medium Green

Manta Green

Lime Squeeze


Indy Red

Lava Red

Hot Pink



VooDoo Blue

Octane Blue

Tiffany Blue

Colors by Brand

Find the exact color to match your brand & year.

Arctic Cat Logo
  • Orange All Models
  • Purple All Models
  • Green 2016 & Older
  • Medium Green 2016–2019
  • Manta Green 2020+ Models
Polaris logo
  • Indy Red All Models
  • VooDoo Blue 2014+ Models
  • Lime Squeeze 2017+ Models
  • Octane Blue 2019+ Models
Ski Doo Logo
  • Yellow All Models
  • Orange Crush 2013+ Models
  • Manta Green 2014+ Models
  • Sunburst Yellow 2015+ Models
  • Lava Red 2015+ Models
  • Octane Blue 2017+ Models
Lynx Logo
  • Lava Red 2015+ Models
Yamaha Logo
  • Red All models
  • Blue All models
  • Lime Squeeze 2018+ HI VIS
  • Octane Blue 2020+ Model


Picture of skull


Not available on The Command or Hell Hound

Picture of triple skull

Triple Skull

Not available on The Command or Hell Hound, or with any Urban Camo pattern

You found your colors, now choose a ski model

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Custom Designs & Novelty Skis

Interested in something completely unique? We can help! Check out our custom ski design gallery below and contact us to order, or view inventory of novelty and custom designs.

Slydog Skis on mountain snowmobile jumping through snow

Ski Gallery

American Flag and Canadian Flag Snowmobile Skis

Novelty Skis