Bogie Installation

Time to throw some snow with your new set of Real Cool bogie wheels! Checkout the video below to learn the proper way to install bogies on your sled’s skid.

Important note: be sure to keep all of your existing bogie mounting hardware (bolts, nuts, etc.) — we do not provide hardware with bogie purchases.

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Instructions Summary

  1. Not all models have the same number of idler wheels available. Be sure to mount these wheels in the proper location for your sled! Wheel sizes also vary per location on your track system, with front bogies typically being smaller than rear bogies.
  2. On the back of your new Slydog bogies please note the “L” or “R” stamp molded into the plastic. This indicates the side of the sled that particular bogie should be mounted on. A bogie with “U” molded into the plastic means it’s a Universal bogie that can be mounted to either side.
  3. Use a snapping pliers to remove the snap ring that holds your existing bogie wheel in place. Be sure to keep all snap rings!
  4. With the snap ring removed, remove the existing bogie from the mount shaft.
  5. Install your new Slydog bogie wheel onto the shaft, and reinstall the snap ring. Ensure that the bogie wheel spins freely.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for all single bogies.
  7. For rear bogies, remove the mounting hardware bolts from the skid using a socket or wrench. Be sure to keep note of all hardware positioning as we’ll use that hardware for your new bogies.
  8. Remove the bolts that hold your two rear bogies together, and separate from the rear bogie shaft.
  9. Insert your new bogies onto the rear bogie shaft, being sure to note the “L” and “R” on each bogie as described in step 2.
  10. Install the included bushings on both sides of your bogie wheels to keep the bogie wheel unit in place on your frame.
  11. Re-install the bogies and shaft back onto the rear of your frame using your OEM bolt and nut hardware. Tighten snug.
  12. Ensure your rear bogies spin freely. If they don’t, you may have the incorrect bushings or may have simply tightened the rear bogie shaft too snug.