Ski Installation

It’s time to get your new Slydog skis mounted so you can hit the powder or trails! Checkout the video below to learn the proper way to install any of our skis to any sled using the provided mount kit hardware.

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Instructions Summary

  1. Make note of the position and direction of the rubber dampener between your existing ski and frame; we’ll use that same positioning for our dampener.
  2. Remove the sled’s existing skis and discard all hardware except the spacer between the ski and mount.
  3. Install the carbide and loop on the ski with the hardware included in your ski package.
  4. Install the bushings from your mount kit onto your ski.
  5. Position the mount kit on the ski, being sure to position the rubber dampener in the direction noted on the mount kit's instruction sheet, which should match the positioning you noted in step 1.
  6. Raise the frame of your sled and line up the mount kit and ski holes with the mounting bolt.
  7. Insert the mount bolt and gently pound half way through the ski’s mount.
  8. Place a board underneath the inside edge of the ski to add pressure to the dampener, allowing the mount bolt to be gently pounded the rest of the way through the mount.
  9. Add the washer and nut to the mount bolt and ensure a snug, but not overly tight, fit on your sled.

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